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We help businesses boost their SEO rankings and conversion rates by optimizing and speeding up their website to load lightning fast.

Why Speed Matters

Here are the important benefits you will get with our WordPress Speed and Performance Optimization service

Increase Search Rankings

Even Google favors fast sites in its search results. Improving your site speed improves site traffic, site ranking, conversion, and returning traffic.

Increase User Experience

The faster the speed of your website, the happier your visitors will be. Optimizing page load time leads to noticable improvements in customer experience.

Build Brand Awareness

Everyone’s gone mobile. Faster mobile sites mean more potential visibility in Google. Even if your site is already mobile friendly, you can do more. You can improve load times.

Decrease Bounce Rate

According to Google's statistics, up to 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Drive High-Quality Traffic

Site speed and reliability dictate how many visits you can get. Whether your site produces money through leads, online sales, or ad revenue, more visitors equals more money.

Increase Leads & Sales

Up to 79% of customers who are dissatisfied with a website's performance say they're less likely to buy from the same site again.

How It Works

Analyzing Your Website

I will look into each and every aspect of your website, your thumbnails, pictures, content and even favicon is looked upon.

Stealing the Shine

And adding them to your website by crushing all the squeeshy little bugs, fixing all the broken elements and bringing perfection

Counting the money!

Okay, I’ll let you take care of this and enjoy all the higher conversions and better rankings in the search engines which you achieve from this service.

Claiming the Shine

Fixing all nitty little bugs, working on  all the broken elements and bringing perfection back to your website.

Analyzing Your Website

We’ll audit every area of your website, your uploaded images, contents, URL structure and even the favicon.

Counting the money!

Finally, We let you enjoy all the higher conversions and better rankings in the search engines which you’ve achieved by working with us.

Why OnPageBoost?


We work to make your job easier and will support your unique business challenges. Our team care about your business and are here to make you the smartest person in the room.

Seamless Communication

You probably want to receive detailed, regular updates about your speed acceleration project. No worries!

Low Cost

We guarantee to offer the best price. We believe in the value of small businesses, and we believe that they should have access to the same high quality services that larger businesses can afford.


Guarantee Services

Increased speed is 100% guaranteed with us. If your website cannot reach the promised speed, we fully refund your payment.

Trusted Work

The key to long-term relationships in business is trust. Our goal is to make you and your business grow with our WordPress speed optimization service.

High Quality

We are committed to partnering with best in industry solutions and delivering the best inventory for your campaign.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We complete our optimization tasks in the first 48 hours. In most cases, after tasks completed — you’ll get your final results with a before/after report. However, in some rare cases, we need extra 2-5 days for complicated websites.

In most cases, you can expect at least a 100% improvement on your website loading time.

Our team is very focused on speed optimization for WordPress, this helps us to find any possible optimization task and address the issues that lead to slowness. When we surveyed a large number of WordPress pages, we found we could automate 98% of them.

We use various tools to see potential improvement areas. We mostly use GTmetrix and Pingdom, since they are the best tools

For every minor shift, we check your website on both the desktop & mobile to see if anything has changed. When there’s something wrong, we patch it immediately.

We use it to find areas to improve. However, Google Pagespeed Insights doesn’t fully test site speed. It’s actually possible to get a very high score in Pagespeed Insights, 90/100 or above, and still, have a very slow loading site. Pagespeed Insights often completely ignores critically important elements such as geographical location, DNS hosting speed and reliability, content delivery networks. GTmetrix and Pingdom are much easier for the speed measurement than Google Pagespeed Insights.

Yes, we provide support for 2 weeks. If there’s any issue on your site caused by our optimization, We’ll have it fixed and make sure it runs correctly.

Oh, yes, absolutely. Half the sites we work on are Woocommerce sites.

No, this isn’t required. But we’re going to tell you as a suggestion if it’s needed.

It’s not required, but recommended. CloudFlare is one of the world’s best CDN services. It helps you to serve your website to users from the nearest servers. It has a very good effect on speed.

We provide before/after comparison report on loading time.

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts if you need several sites worked on. 

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